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Please note this is a basic stain removal guide and does not guarantee to remove the stain but if followed corectly will make it easy for me to remove if you require my services.

We do not recomend useing certain types of off the self stain removers which can damage the fibres in you carpet

Act Quickly. Scrape up solids, blot up liquids useing plain white kitchen roll or white cotton towels. Take plenty of time do not scrub let the towel absorb as much moisters as posible Some stains can be removed by useing theses products below by carfully following the instructions

Products you will need are Clean white towels, Surgical spirits, Detergent solution one teaspoon full of (wool safe) washing powder mixed with half a pint of water

detergent vineger solution Add one teaspoon full of white NOT MALT vinegar to the detergent solution.

Ammonia solution One teaspoonful of house ammonia to one cup of water

General tips Do not over wet item, Before useing always test in a inconpicuous area to make sure soultion dont have any adverse afect on the carpet

Do not try making soultions stronger or mix with other chemical

Blot up exese spills first & always work from outer edge to inner & never scrub.

Aways apply cleaning solution to towels & not direct to stain.

Keep fabric as dry as posible dont over wet.

For Alcohol, Coffee,Tea,Liquid Foods & Urine

Blot up as much as posible useing towels.

Use the detergent vinegar solution a little at a time working from the outer edge of the stain

Blot with dry towels then folow final rinse procedure.(below)

Chocolate,Blood, Glue,Sweets,Glue,Egg,Ice cream, Soft drinks & Vomit

Scrape up excess with blunt object,

Blot dry Use the detergent solution working from the outer edge blot dry.

Folow up with the Ammonia solution blot dry,

Then folow the final rinse procedure(below)

Oils, Grease, Fat, Gloss & Tar

Scrape up as much as posible abosorb as much as posible into towels.

Dab with Dry cleaning solution working from outer edge in wards

When all signs of stain have gone then follow final rinse

Final rinse procedure to be used after all the above methods mix one part white vinegar & four parts water,pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray over treated area blot up to remove excess moister spread absorbent towels over damp area and place weights on top leave over night and repeat if necessary or for drying you can use a hairdryer or fan blowing over wet area on a cold setting not hot as this can damage some carpets.

We would advise you having you carpets cleaned after this even if you get the stain to make sure all residuse all rinse out

We can also offer a stain guard service to protect against any other spills

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