Carpet Cleaners Scunthorpe

Dommestic & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services In Scunthorpe

Thermo dry cleaning useing our heated pad system works by useing a very small amout of water & a encapsulating cleaning product for fast cleaning and drying in less than 1HR a much beter option than dry compound cleaning (also known as dry cleaning)

A good option for regular maintance cleaning where carpets need to look there best all year round.

Professional Steam Cleaning(hot water extraction) removes dirt, grease most stains & allergans caused from dust mites leaving you carpets clean & healthy.

Useing this method we firstly use a hot pre-spray on your carpet which is used to break down greases & soil that is in your carpets. then useing our heated pad system we gently heat & rub the soultion into you carpet for the best result posible. After this we then deep extract with our high powerd steam cleaner which we use to flush out the soultion that we sprayed on & extract all the dirt out of your carpet leaving it clean & fresh. then we comb the pile back for fast drying.

We also have turbo dryers for quick drying (please request theses when booking theres no extra charge but would require all pictures & light ourniments to be removed first)

Please note we always leave the extraction machine outside so all the air bound particals & moisture is expeled outside & not back into your house. As having the machine inside can re polute your air with whats been extracted out of your carpets.